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The HPLC 2017 Jeju invites participants to join an exclusive tour program that is designed to make your stay more enjoyable and memorable. If you are interested in participating in the tours, please check the tour option when you register.

● Tour
-Included: Transportation, English-speaking Tour Guide, Entrance Fees, Lunch
-Not Included: Refreshments, Beverages, Traveler’s Insurance, Personal expenses
Min. 20 Participants each
Max. 100 Participants each
Date/Time Course/Itineraries Price 
Half-day Tour // November 8 (Wed)
HT-1 13:30~19:00 Jeju Tradition ICC JEJU → Lunch (Hyatt Regency Jeju Hotel) → Jeju Folk Village → Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market → ICC JEJU
KRW 30,000
(USD 30)
HT-2 13:30~19:00 UNESCO Tour ICC JEJU → Lunch (Hyatt Regency Jeju Hotel)  → Cheonjiyeon waterfall → Seongsan Ilchulbong (Sunrise Peak) → ICC JEJU
KRW 30,000
(USD 30)
HT-3 13:30~19:00 PLAY KPOP K-POP Museum
KRW 20,000
(USD 20)
HT-4 13:30~19:00 Jeju Olle-gil Hiking Olle-gil Trails
KRW 10,000
(USD 10)
※ The above itineraries are subject to change according to local circumstances.

Jeju Folk Village
Seogwipo Maeil Olle Market
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Seongsan Ilchulbong
Play K-POP

K-POP and new media technology have been combined to create completely new experience that the whole family can enjoy. Hologram concerts that are even more fantastic than live concerts allow visitors to see famous Korean wave stars up close or even journey to the past through music. Visitors can go on a date with celebrities using the power of virtual reality, or even become a K-POP STAR themselves! The PLAY KPOP SHOP also sells goods based on the celebrities as well as other K-POP related products.
Jeju Olle-gil Trail

In Jeju dialect, Ole means ‘a path that resembles a very narrow alley and connects homes from the street to the gate.’ In medieval Korean, it was called "Ore" or "Orae." It is assumed that "Orae", a pure Korean word meaning door, eventually became "Ole." Furthermore, the phrase "Jeju Olle" has a double meaning in Korean, where it can mean "Do you want to come to Jeju?" or "You’ll come to Jeju, right?" The Olle of Jeju, the island that brings forth the wind, is made of hole-riddled basalt. Furthermore, you can see the aesthetics of Jeju's stonewall paths, which are connected in a winding manner.

● Reservation & Payment Conditions
※ Reservation deadline: October 25th, 2017
1. Tour reservation must be guaranteed by your credit card information at the time of application.
2. When the application is successfully submitted, an automatic e-mail will be sent. There is a minimum and maximum number of participants for each tour, so tours will be confirmed after the deadline.
3. When tours are confirmed, a notification of payment method will be sent by e-mail.
4. The above prices are subject to change according to local circumstances.

● Cancellation Fee
1. Any request for changes or cancellations should be submitted by e-mail: hanatourjejumice@gmail.com.
2. Cancellation policy:
 - 11 days before the departure date: No cancellation fee
 - 8-10 days before the departure date: Charge of 10% of the tour fee
 - 2-7 days before the departure date: Charge of 50% of the tour fee  
 - 1 day before the departure date, on the departure date: No refunds
※100% refund, in case of cancellation due to natural situations.

● Contact Information
HPLC 2017 Jeju official travel agency
HanaTourJeju Inc.
E-mail: hanatourjejumice@gmail.com
Tel: 064-713-9860