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Plenary Keynote Invited IUPAC ACS APICC Tutorial  
Young Sook Yoo

Strategies Related to Water Industry in Korea
Laura L. McConnell
IUPAC Division of Chemistry and the Environment
Innovations in Agricultural Practices and Technologies to Protect Water Quality and Improve Sustainability
Hyunook Kim
University of Seoul
Occurrence and fate of residual antipsychotic, antiviral, and lifestyle drugs in wastewaters of sewage treatment plants and their receiving waters
Ester Heath
Jozef Stefan Institute
BPA and its Alternatives: Environment, Food and Health Related Issues
Leonardo Pantoja Munoz
Middlesex University London
Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Arsenic and Sulphur Species Using HPLC-ICP-MS/Orbitrap in Microalgae Samples
Sun Hwa Park
National Institute of Environments
Current state and management direction of groundwater contaminated with nitrate around agro-livestock area
Frank Michel
Volatile organic compounds in water: Validation of new ISO Standard 17943 for determination by SPME and GC/MS
Jung-Keun Oh
National Institute of Environments
Identification and distribution of hexabromocyclododecane and its degradation products in the Korean and Japanese rivers