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CASSS Travel Grant

The CASSS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Science recognizes contributions to the fields of separation science and technology. A nominee must have made an outstanding contribution to the fields of separation science and technology with particular consideration given to developments of new methods and techniques. The 2017 winner will be announced and awarded at HPLC2017 Jeju.

CASSS, which began in 1983 as the Bay Area Chromatography Colloquium, honors its history with this award. This award has a long tradition with the first being presented in 1995. Currently CASSS is a global community of industry, academic and regulatory professionals who work together to resolve scientific challenges in the field of biopharmaceutical development and regulation. CASSS members are dedicated to facilitating the sharing of resources, information, and best practices in order to advance scientific knowledge for the benefit of our members and the public at large.

The Directors, Associate Directors, and all previous CASSS award winners were asked early in 2017 by the chair of the CASSS Academic committee to nominate a living person that meets the award citation requirements. They then voted for every nominee in ranked order. The nominee with the highest number of points is the award winner.  The winner was then asked by the chair of the academic committee to accept the award and was invited to come to HPLC2017 Jeju to receive the award and give a keynote lecture at the symposium.

2017 – Robert T. Kennedy
2016 – Frantisek "Frank" Svec
2015 – Peter J. Schoenmakers 
2014 – Nobou Tanaka
2013 – Wolfgang Lindner
2012 – J. Michael Ramsey
2011 – Stellan Hjertén
2010 – Klaus Unger
2009 – Jack Kirkland
2008 – Pat Sandra
2007 – Shigeru Terabe
2006 – Pier Giorgio Righetti and Walter Jennings
2005 – Milton Lee
2004 – Milos Novotny
2003 – Barry Karger
2002 – Georges Guiochon
2001 – Fred Regnier
2000 – Dick Zare
1999 – Jim Jorgenson
1998 – Csaba Horvath
1997 – Ray Dandeneau
1996 – Ron Majors
1995 – Lloyd Snyder

Name Affiliation
Feng Li University of Tasmania
Hui He Nanjing University
Tsuyoshi Iwaba Kyoto university
Aprilia Nur Tasfiyati Monash University
Karuna Nagula Institute of Chemical Technology UDCT Mumbai